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Let the experiri begin

When opting for a flight option via Kuala Lumpur, I was envisioning incredible views that landing and taking off from there to Bali would offer. It seemed that stars were willing to cooperate as I was granted a royal window seat in one of the first rows on the plane. With everything planned out perfectly and fighting the exhaustion from the lack of sleep, I made every effort to stay awake during the last leg of the trip. My hope was to be presented with breathtaking scenery emerging through the clouds and impatiently waiting for them clear up, I tried: sipping on water, munching on a leftover breakfast biscuit, analysing the symmetry of my nails, searching for split ends, firstly in my hair, and since I had no luck, I moved on to the passenger’s hair (only visually, don’t panic, and also she was asleep), pinching myself and changing positions. Nevertheless, those puffy water droplets gave no hope of leaving the party and eventually I succumbed to exhaustion. Surprise surprise – with the next blink, the airplane wheels abruptly touched the ground. Desperately flickering around in search of exotic features of this far-away destination, I was gutted to see nothing but endless planes neatly lined up outside of the airport building, waiting for adventure-craving passengers to hop on board.

Malaysia’s stopover was smooth, I encountered extremely kind people and following my usual logic, made a mental note to come back and explore this place some day, not just its airport. With an hour to spare, I convinced myself that I had enough energy to take a stroll through the airport. You know when your phone is running on 1% of battery and you are surprised how long it lasts? That was me until it was time to board the plane again en route to Bali: as soon as my bottom touched the designated seat (guess what, 3rd row window seat, yay), sleep welcomed me with open arms. Yet again, with the next blink, I found myself in Denpasar Airport. How do you call that emotional state correctly? TINY bit annoyed?