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I am not proud to admit that I escorted a nun who took my window seat on the flight back from Komodo. Yogic philosophy teaches us do the right thing, not necessarily what’s good or bad, therefore in my defence the right thing was to claim the seat that was assigned to me. After all, she had her eyes closed, silently praying throughout the entire flight, so sitting by the window wouldn’t have made any difference. Also, isn’t there an unwritten rule that if you get the middle seat but the isle seat is empty, you move there to allow everyone’s elbows to take the space they deserve? Feeling slightly guilty for my inner grumblings and somewhat anxious about her being able to have access to my thoughts (what if nuns posses divine powers?), I eventually mustered the courage to ask if she was okay, as the prayer had seemingly stopped, and there was a rare opportunity to pose the question while the nun had her eyes open. It appeared to be a relief to both of us when she replied with a “yes”, following by a polite smile and initiating a small talk.