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Are You Having Any Fun?

Are you having any fun?

“No” — I burped abruptly, snugging into a warm blanket hiding from the frosty bites and enjoying a ride of ‘what else to complain about’ carrousel in my head.

“Are you having any fun?” Elaine Stritch charmingly posed the question in her song and if you’re not familiar with it, here you go.

Is an uplifting groovy tune, and it may hit the nail on the head for some of us. With the year coming to an end it’s probably wise to conduct an internal audit and ask the following questions:

Are you having any fun?

What you getting out of living?

Who cares for what you’ve got if you’re not having any fun?

Are you having any laughs?

Are you getting any loving?

If other people do, why can’t you? Have a little fun

Needless to say it’s up to every individual to define the “fun”, but as a little inspiration let me follow up with another verse from the song:

Why should you work and save and save?

Life is full of ifs and buts

Even the squirrels save and save

And what have they got? Nuts!

What is certainly nuts is that I am yet again considering it to be another sign as find myself standing at the crossroads of decision making.

And my bank account is doing an eye roll.

What’s fun for you?